The latest Java Magazine issue is out and it's all about JavaEE!

Well, okay not all of it is about JavaEE but you'll find the following in this issue of the Java Magazine :


• An interview with Cameron Purdy, VP of development on why Java EE is ideally suited for the cloud.
• A "Lightweight PubSub (with Java EE 6) article by Adam "Rockstar" Bien.
• Julien Ponge's first part to a series of GlassFish-related articles: "clustering and HA made simple with GlassFish".
• Devoxx 2011 Java EE 7 coverage.
• A complete list of Java EE 7 JSRs (stay up to date by following the jcp tag here).
• An interview with Mollom's Dries Buytaert on "Winning the War Against Spam with Java" (a follow-up to this GlassFish story).
• Part 2 of Max' Introduction to RESTful Web Services.
• An introduction to jHome.

Other than the technical (Java EE and GlassFish-related) aspect, I find the spam fighting discussion in the Mollom interview to be fascinating.


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