The Killer AppServer for Java EE 5

Screenshot from Halo

Adam Bien is a consultant and book author that also maintains an interesting blog. In his most recent entry he writes that Project GlassFish could become the Killer AppServer for Java EE 5. I think that will be so; the first release was solid and we are planning a bunch of improvements as part of V2 and V3. And, when this happens it will be due to the contribution of the whole community, so kudos to you!

Adam blog seems to get good readership and comments, check it out. Also he averages one book a year... [2001], [2002], [2003], [2003] and [2006]).


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Behrang, I had trouble with IE and CSS so I used the basic scheme and switched and back and forth. I modified the CSS. I hope it is better now. Thanks, adam

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