The Hundred Kb Kernel - HK2, the core of GlassFish v3

Photo of K2

More announcements in preparation for GlassFish Day and JavaOne: Jerome has released the code for the modular core of GlassFish v3. He chose the name HK2 for Hundred Kb Kernel and it indeed is under 100KB (80 Kb - and it starts in less than a second). HK2 couples a Modules Subsytem with a Components Model.

Read about HK2 at Jerome's Blog, directly at the HK2 Web site, or watch the Screencast.

Or, even better, go to GlassFish Day at the Moscone and watch Jerome present at his session or in a demo station. GlassFish Day is part of CommunityOne and is free but you need to Register to attend.


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