Contributing to GF - FastInfoset Discussions

This is one of a series of blogs where I will try to highlight participation in several communities in GlassFish, specially non-Sun participation; perhaps some of these blogs will interest you as a user, or as a direct contributor.

Castell 4 de 9 amb folre

The Fast Infoset project (some blogs [1] and [2], and white papers [3] and [4]) had wide industry participation in the standard. A number of people participated in the implementation including Alan, Ias, Don and the mailing lists for FI are active, both the DEV list and USERS list, with contributions from additional people like Tatu Saloranta (WoodStox) Jimmy Zhang (XimpleWare), Brian Potarelli (Inversoft) and Mark Swanson

Ias has incorporated FI into FIME and I know he was also considering adding it into other places, including Mirae @ ASF, and reported work on integrating FI with XMLBeans. FI uses Japex which will be used as the testing framework in the EXI group, where Paul and Santiago continue to contribute.

Two words on the image of this blog. I've always liked Castells in part because they are build by a large group and everybody has a role, from very strong people at the bottom to very light boys - and girls - at the top. Even the crowd helps stabilize the castle. A great image for community building, which is why I used them when I was the lead for the JSP specs.


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