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Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Radio Receiver

Using Apache mod_proxy with GlassFish and Mercurial (John)
Create Mobile Websites using JSF and PrimeFaces Mobile (Micha)
PaaS a Java EE 6 Application (presentation) (Kshitiz @ IndicThreads)
Languages, Verbosity, and Java (InformIT)
Introducing Seren, the serialization speed enhancer (Olivier)
Comparing Heap Dumps with NetBeans 7.1 (Dustin)
Java Performance (Book Review) (Dzone)
Actors in Java (Fabrizio)
Standard JSON API for Java to be developed (h-online)
OpenJDK Community TCK License for Java SE 7 Available (Donald)
Async HTTP Client 1.7.0 has been released (Jean-Fran├žois)


The Scala-related points in the "Languages, Verbosity, and Java" links are more to do with the author's lack of understanding of Scala than they are to do with Scala language features.

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