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Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Radio Receiver

Fun with GlassFish (René)
on coding style (John Rose)
REST with JAX-RS and Silverlight clients (Arnon @ DZone)
Combining Strong Typing and Bean Validation (JSR 303) (Michael Schnell)
What is the Meaning of Life? (The Java Specialists' Newsletter)
Java User Groups are joining the JCP community (the JCP blog)
Automating Remote Deployment to Oracle WebLogic from Hudson (Duncan)
JSR 107, JSR 347, Infinispan, NoSQL, Hot Rod, Memcached, CDI and Beyond (Manik @ InfoQ)
Apps Web em Wicket e Scala no GlassFish JavaEE 6 (Bruno Borges)
Oracle WebLogic 12c Launch Webinar Replay (
Christmas Greetings e-Cards


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