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Recent Tips and News on Java EE 6 & GlassFish:

Radio Receiver

Response GZIP Compression with GlassFish in Production (Markus)
Basic MDB with Scala, Sbt and JEE 6 (DZone)
Jelastic now has Java 7 (
The incredible Diversity of JavaOne (Donald)
NetBeans Platform Certified Class in San Francisco, right after J1
Breaking the [Amdahl's] law! Effective use of the fork-join framework in Java SE 7 (Simon, from JavaZone)
Moving Java Forward: Java SE 7 has been released, what about Java SE 8? (Simon, still from JavaZone)
The Pros and Cons of JPA 2 (Mike, also from JavaZone)
All JavaZone 2011 videos ("Couch Mode" included)
Authoring JSF pages in pure Java (Arjan)
Focus On NetBeans @ JavaOne 2011 (NetBeans)


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