Tab Sweep - Early 2011 retrospective, findbugs 2.0, RichFaces on NetBeans/GlassFish, jQuery in Java and more...

Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Radio Receiver

The State of Java: Stewardship (Past and Present) ( editor)
Moving Java Forward? A definition. A year in review. (Markus)
The Top Java Memory Problems – Part 2 (DynaTrace blog)
RichFaces 4.1.0 Final on NetBeans 7.1 IDE (Video) (John)
Java 7: Fork and join decomposable input pattern (Niklas)
New in Jelastic PaaS: session replication and sticky sessions (DZone)
Is setting -Xmx==-Xms still considered harmful? (Kirk)
Configuring @Schedule in Glassfish 3 (Yenlo)
Jerry - jQuery in Java (
Using GlassFish from Eclipse (David)
OTN Virtual Developer Day returns! WebLogic Server 12c, Coherence in Jan/Feb 2012 (CAF blog)
FindBugs 2 ! (FindBugs)


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