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Oracle GlassFish Server customers and former Sun GlassFish Enterprise customers were using SunSolve to get to individual patches and GlassFish patch releases (see this Blog entry on "GlassFish For Business" for how we deliver support) up until now.

SunSolve is being retired (see this earlier heads-up blog) and you are encouraged to read this Transition to My Oracle Support FAQ for Legacy Sun Customers.

My Oracle Support (MOS) will integrate all the existing services and become the single support portal for all of your Oracle support needs. The full migration should be effective by the time you read these lines (Dec 13th 2010). MOS has been open to former Sun customers for a little while to set up and verify account credentials using your Sun contract number to register. More details on accessing the service using standard Oracle SSO accounts can be found in this FAQ.

Once you're able to log into MOS, you'll need to add Support Identifiers to your account. All legacy Sun patches (probably the most important feature to many GlassFish customers) are available in the Patches section on My Oracle Support.


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