Sun and Oracle News: Shareholders Vote and Chuck and Thomas

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Two pieces of new of interest to people tracking Oracle and the Sun Acquisition:

• Sun's Shareholders Approve the Merger (but still pending regulators approval).
• Changes in the Leaderhip of Software Development at Oracle.

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Added - After the post I realized it might be useful to add some more background on Thomas Kurian, so...

• JavaOne 2006: General Session, day 2 (podcast 1, podcast 2)
• JavaOne 2007: General Session, day 2 (video 1, video 2)
• JavaOne 2008: General Session, day 2 (video 1, video 2).
• Oracle World 2007, Keynote (Keynote)
Biography at Oracle


Oracle is a holding and marketing company, leadership culture does not have a single innovation cell in their brains.

SUN is innovation, but sold out to Wall Street happy Oracle, thus it's over, looks like Google has the best chance to advance software now.

Too bad, the government should have rescued SUN from the dark ages grips of Oracle. Perhaps an intellectual stimulus plan package.

This is really a sad time in history, the SUN sell out to Oracle is a dead end and is the beginning of USA's lead in technology!

Does anyone remember when Oracle, with all it;s money money tried to develop a J2EE application server?

Posted by George de la Torre on July 16, 2009 at 10:00 AM PDT #

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