Status Update on WSJ SOA Reader's Choice for GlassFish and Friends

An update on this year's SOA World Magazine Reader's Choice Vote. As of this writing, the projects from GlassFish and Friends are doing very well, below are the top three vote getters within each applicable category:


AppServer - GlassFish (265), JBoss (126), WebSphere AS (121)
Automation - Hudson (206), Rational Funtion Tester (99), Parasoft JTest (97)
OpenSource SOA - OpenESB (232), IBM WAS CE (99), JBoss SOA Platform (86).
IDE - NetBeans (285), Rational Application Developer (97), Oracle JDeveloper (69).
Framework - Metro (263), WebSphere Business Services Fabric (128), FUSE Service Framework (103).
Portal - SJS Portal (209), WebSphere Portal (115), JBoss Portal (78).
Security - OpenSSO (191) DataPower Security Gateway (112), Oracle WS Management (62), Metro (60).
Integration Tool - Java CAPS (216), WebSphere Integration Developer (100), Oracle JDeveloper (62).
SOA Platform - Java CAPS (204), WebSphere AppServer (88), HP Systinet (61).
SOA Tool - Java CAPS (192), Lisa Virtual SOA (81), SOAP Scope (58).
WS Utility - JAXP (250), WebSphere AppServer (87), SOAPUI (73).
XML Parser - JAXP (326), WebSphere AppServer XML Feature Pack (95), Intel XML Software Suite (37).

All the categories where we entered an entry we have an entry with the top vote getter. And the only place where we have an entry that is not the top is in Security where both Metro and OpenSSO entered (possibly people not noticing it?).

So, go ahead and... Vote!


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