Stateful Web services Magic in GlassFish


TheServerSide is excited about the Stateful Web services support in GlassFish. Here is a quote from a recent article

It's almost magical how easy the code is, to use a stateful SOAP service in this manner.

Another user commented:

Looks as great as Microsoft breaking 8+3 limit in filenames.

Stateful Web services support in JAX-WS 2.1 were announced last year and customers have found the programming model dead simple. This extension to JAX-WS RI uses WS-Addressing behind the scene to maintain multiple instances of a service. And because a key goal of Project Tango's is to be interoperable with Microsoft .NET 3.0 framework, this support is interoperable as well. You can see the complete sever-side code on JAX-WS and client-side code on .NET 3.0 in an entry linked from Kohsuke's detailed entry.

Post a comment/question at JAX-WS forum if you would like to see more improvements in this area.


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