Start making money with MySQL and Glassfish

Glassfish and MySQL communities

Congratulations! You have MySQL and Glassfish in your server. Now what?

If you have asked yourself this question before, perhaps you did not have the right stimulus to continue. Indeed, what can you do with the most popular open source database and the most advanced application server?

People providing a practical answer to the above question may be handsomely rewarded. If you have the answer yourself, rush to participate to the MySQL-Glassfish student contest.

The contest requires GFv2 UR2 and MySQL 5.1. Make sure to read the contest rules before applying.

Of course, you may have a better idea, and create a killer application that will make you rich and famous overnight. No objections to your plan either. If you do, and thus consider the competition utterly superfluous, just drop us a line. We will appreciate it.


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