Spring to Java EE 6 Articles

David Heffelfinger's 4-part article series on Spring to Java EE 6 migration published the last part. The part 1, part 2 and part 3 takes a sample Spring application and builds it using java EE 6. It even compares the generated WAR files and LoC in XML configuration in the two environments.


Here are some other blogs/articles that cover the topic:

What are you reasons for migrating from Spring to Java EE 6 ? Let us know.

From my personal point of view Spring Framework makes not sense in 2012. But this is mainly not a question of function. Java EE is based on standards and Spring Framework is just an implementation of one vendor.

Maybe you like this (my Blog):

"Lightweight Java Enterprise Architectures - an unfair and incomplete comparison between Spring 3 Framework and Java EE 6"


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