Spec leads discussing Java EE 6

Java EE 6

While Java EE 6 is more than a year away, the work is well on its way (see this previous post), the expert group has formed (JSR 316) and spec leads Roberto and Bill wereinterviewed by Artima. The three clear themes (if you haven't already heard) are extensibility, profiles, and pruning. The exact list of JSRs is not set but there's a nice mention of JSR 299 (WebBeans).

Beyond all the work going on in GlassFish v3 around modularity, and the community-contributed requirements, this is also the version to track as it will be the reference implementation (RI) for Java EE 6. Whenever Java EE 6 ships, GlassFish v3 ships (and vice-versa ;).


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