Get Ready for the Software Update Tool

We have been converting our distributions to leverage the new IPS format. Recent conversions to IPS include OpenMQ 4.4 and some distributions of GFv2.1 but the distribution with the largest volume remains GFv3 Preview.

The current release of GFv3 Preview uses These packages were last updated before J1 (except docs) but we will soon push out an update based on an stable promoted build and when that happens you are likely to encounter the New SoftwareUpdate Tool.


The SoftwareUpdate tool provides a simplified interface to the standard UpdateTool, normally activated via a PopUp Notice. A single click Starts a Search for all the Apps that can be updated. Once Completed, choose the Apps you want to update, accept the license terms, and install.

The SoftwareUpdate tool will report on the progress of the install: [1], [2], [3]. Once Completed you are done. The underlying machinery is the same used in the UpdateTool, and you can peek into the details, both before installing and after installing, but the SoftwareUpdate experience is faster and simpler, and more appropriate for most users.

IPS is one of the key new technologies that we are leveraging for GlassFish v3; related entries are tagged IPS. If you want more technical details, Christophe has a very good Presentation as part of the IPS Best Practices wiki. Also check the UC2 Blogs.


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