Site Migrations: NetBeans, OpenSolaris.Org, Hudson

Migration time! OpenSolaris, NetBeans and Hudson have moved (part of) their infrastructure.

The OpenSolaris Website Community migrated from an ad-hoc web app to XWiki on October 26th, 2009 completing phase 2 of the transition. Check the Transition FAQ for more details. This move had been in the planning for a long time and is still unfolding.

The NetBeans site moved the week of Nov 2dn to a new site, see the Announcement and the FAQ. The new NB site uses the Kenai infrastructure but is its own instance, separate from that of I believe this move has completed.

The last (ongoing) move is for Hudson. Most of Hudson was at Java.Net but some parts were not - like the confluence-based wiki. After the availability problems from a couple of months ago, Kohsuke and the community decided to move the bulk to Kenai. That move is still ongoing but some key sections, like the front-page, have already moved.

In all cases, these moves are intended to be (mostly) transparent to the users (hopefully with improved QoS).


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