Shoal is Out - JXTA + GlassFish == Dynamic Clustering

Shoal Architecture

The code for Shoal is now available. Shoal is a generic Dynamic Clustering framework (Overview) that is being used in GlassFish V2 but, like Grizzly and others, can be used independently. Shoal includes a client API and an SPI to plug-in different implementations. The project has been a collaboration with the JXTA team and the default implementation takes very good advantage of the features of JXTA to provide a highly-decentralized and highly scalable implementation.

Read Shreedhar's intro to the project and Mohamed's detailed description of its use of JXTA. In separate entries, Max and Bernard provide context and background on the project. An excellent addition to the GlassFish Community.

Shoal will be integrated in the next GlassFish v2 milestone, together with Larry's in-Memory Replication machinery.


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