Shoal Clustering - With or without GlassFish

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Artima has a feature entry on Project Shoal which just reached 1.0 Early Access. Project Shoal is a Group Management System heavily used in GlassFish v2 but it can also be used in other contexts. The JXTA implementation used by default and which brings close-to-zero clustering configuration in GlassFish can also be replaced (by JGroups for instance) using the appropriate SPIs.

One of the reasons for the GlassFish v2 delay was the time needed to make sure we could go through as many customer scenarios as possible, specifically in the clustering area. Shreedhar reports on the 8-node GlassFish clustering quality tests which led to improved quality of Shoal itself. This and future use of Shoal in SailFin (the SIP supported application server based on GlassFish with Ericsson as a major contributor) shows the greater GlassFish Community at work.


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