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Project Shoal

Most GlassFish subprojects (Grizzly, Metro, Woodstock, HK2, Jersey, mq, Mojarra, ...) can be used independently from the application server. Project Shoal is no exception. This Group Management Service used by GlassFish clustering can also be applied to other use-cases.

Community members Juan Pedro Danculovic and Diego Naya have a nice article over on covering in a single place most of the Shoal features. It goes into the definition of all the basic terms such as Group, Member, Member Token, Spectator, Core, Group Management Service, Components, and Signals. The article also covers how to integrate your own code into the clustering infrastructure (not only for Java EE applications, but SE applications too). Given the artifact's size (JARs are less than 2MB), together with a stripped-down GlassFish v3, the possibilities become very interesting.

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