Shoal 1.1 update available

Shoal of Fish

Shreedhar is announcing a new build release for Shoal 1.1, the GlassFish dynamic clustering framework. Version 1.1 is work in progress and offers a JoinedAndReadyNotificationSignal, multiple clusters support for the same member (useful for Sailfin's Converged Load-Balancer), cross subnet clustering support, etc.

The most important driver for the Shoal project lately has been the Sailfin project (now in alpha stage). Compared to HTTP, SIP sessions are smaller in size but greater in number so this has been a very interesting set of constraints for this group management and data replication technology.

If you're new to the technology, Shoal is at the heart of the GlassFish v2 clustering architecture and uses JXTA as an underlying technology. This article is a nice introduction if you're new to the technology which is also used in other projects such as GreenFire.


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