Servlet 3.0 ... Almost at PDR


Although the Servlet 3.0 (JSR 315) is very close to a Public Review Draft, the latest published draft is still the old EDR and that's the spec that Roy (van Rijn) referred to in the article that TSS Published earlier today. After the corresponding discussion thread, Rajiv (the Servlet 3.0 spec lead) pointed out that most of the issues raised by Roy were addressed in PRD.

Nothing like a small firestorm to feed the publishing spirit: a few hours after that, Rajiv followed with a longer Outline of Servlet 3.0 while Shing Wai talked about its Imlementation in GlassFish v3 :-)

And, if you are interested in the topic, you should pencil out Dec 18th, 11am for Rajiv's Webinar on Servlet 3.0.


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