Server-side scripting gets a java boost

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GlassFish partner Caucho is featured in this blog comparing performance of Drupal (the popular content management platform) running on Apache 2+PHP and Caucho's Quercus (100% Java implementation of PHP5+extensions).

Scripting on the JVM can offer load-balancing and clustering technologies (courtesy of GlassFish for instance) but it can also let you use the world of enterprise Java APIs. Here it seems to also demonstrate how Java's HotSpot JVM adaptive optimizations kick-in and provide better performance than "native" interpreters on a real-world application.

These tests were conducted all without caching enabled. Interestingly enough, comments suggest using Terracotta (another GlassFish partner) and EHCache, used by Greg Luck in the architecture.

See this post by Ludo to get the Quercus interpreter running on GlassFish.


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