1: Share Stuff. 2: ??? 3: Profit!

Picture of a U.S. Dollar

Fans of Slashdot and South Park, rejoice! A solution to the infamous three-part business model has finally been discovered.

Well, sort of... It won't make you rich, but Sun's SDN Share Program will reward you for sharing your programming knowledge. Anyone can post tech tips, code samples, or full-blown articles. Then anyone else can vote, tag, and comment on those submissions. Bottom line: the best stuff floats to the top, and the best submitters can earn Amazon.com gift certificates. (Okay, it's not cash--but close enough to be called profiting.)

The program started back in April and, as Lou has noted, is seeing some nice usage momentum. It's built with technologies from the GlassFish community, including Slynkr. Give it a look. You might just learn something--or earn something.


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