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Scala is a modern language that integrates features from both object-oriented and functional languages - and it also interoperates with Java. Scala is starting to gather some fans like Paul and Roberto; Paul in particular has written several entries on Scala, including Scala on Jersey (the JAX-RS RI at GlassFish).

Paul's latest entry shows how to run Scala on GlassFish using the example of Skittr a Scala-based implementation of Twitter. If you like Programming Languages, you may want to check it out; the next few years will be fun....

Added: Don't miss Jamey's comment on this post - it has plenty of useful links.


I've just started looking into Scala myself, but am finding it very interesting. Looking at the Skittr example, the author says:

It's 884 'wc -l' lines of code including comments. It can handle 1M+ users on a two Intel Core 2 Duo boxes (one as the web front end and the other as the message broker.) With a weeks of full-time coding, it could be modified to scale linearly with the number of boxes in the system.

How is that kind of scalability achieved with so few lines of code? One big part of it is probably Scala's ability to handle concurrency without forcing programmers to deal directly with threads. For more info on that, see:

And some other links I've found interesting so far are:

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