SalesForce's WebServices Toolkit and GlassFish

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SalesForce.COM had looked at JAX-WS a while ago and had found it lacking but they looked at it again very recently and they just posted a JAX-WS QuickStart kit using the JAX-WS RI from GlassFish.

I hope the new toolkit works for them. For details on the announcement, check the SalesForce blog and also Arun's. And do let us know if you are in a similar situation and want to consider switching to the GlassFish WebServices implementation!

In a related area, our JSON support might be also useful to a case like SalesForce. Switching implementations on the server-side is always trickier but perhaps one could pass through the request from a new, JAX-WS RI, JSON-enabled, endpoint to the existing endpoint...


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