Sailfin progress report - builds available

SIP support in NetBeans

SailFin (the Communications/Telco Application Server) was Announced at Java One and we have reported since then on a couple of SIP applications: Click to Dial (full code available) and Conference Manager (soon available).

You can also read this intro to SIP, use this documentation to use a vanilla SIP proxy and SIPp to generate traffic, and use tooling support in NetBeans (development using Web Applications with the SIP Servlets Framework) as described here.

But maybe most importantly, nightly builds are now available from (about 60mb, GlassFish runtime included). The first milestone is scheduled for August

If you're interested in SailFin source code, look here or here.


Hello, I installed the nightly build and tried the ClickToDial sample. Installation works fine and also call setup works fine, but we one of the phones goes onhook the BYE is not processed and I see some exception in the trace. Is this a known problem ? Maybe this is not the right forum, but I could not find another one. If you are interested I could also help in building some demos or testing.

Posted by peterkl on June 27, 2007 at 05:57 AM PDT #

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