SailFin Milestone 6 Now Available; Passed the JSR 289 TCK tests.

Milestone 6 of SailFin is now available for download!. This release includes a number of bug fixes including JSR 289 TCK related issues. Prasad's blog gives more details and the list of 141 bugs fixed after MS5.

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JSR 289 TCK provides much more coverage than its earlier version (~500 tests) and we had numerous questions on the tests. Mihir (spec lead from Oracle) answered all of them very quickly and SailFin passed all tests last week. Thanks Mihir.

Here is the link to the test results and here is the latest TCK errata SailFin is using.

Also take a look at the details about session invalidation in Bhavani's blog, a key new feature introduced in Sip Servlet 1.1. This feature replaces the original session expiration model in Sip Servlets 1.0 and is expected to make the applications more scalable.


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