SailFin Milestone 5 is now available

Milestone 5 of SailFin is now available for download! The product is feature complete with this milestone and all the features have already crossed beta stage. The implementation team (from Sun and Ericsson) is now busy in fixing bugs and the final release is expected by end of this calendar year.

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Prasad's blog explains the following key aspects of this milestone.
 1. All JSR 289 (SIPServlet 1.1)features are implemented
 2. Support for RFC 3891 and RFC 3911 (Join/Replace support)
 3. RFC 4474: Authenticated identity management in SIP
 4. Session Replication has crossed beta quality.
 5. Access Logging support for SIP messages.

More SailFin coverage on this blog can be found here.


Ok, I'll bite - why is it not called "beta" ?

Posted by Alexis MP on October 13, 2008 at 08:27 AM PDT #

Given we are releasing the final version of the product by end of this year, we are not planning to have an official beta release or beta program (not enough time).

When we released SailFin V1 alpha in august, it was just days after JSR 289 was approved by SE/EE executive committe. So, the product was not using final 289 APIs and we could not call it "beta". However, most of the features had crossed beta stage at that time. Also, SailFin had undergone a lot of testing (including many 24x7 tests with CLB) by that time.

Posted by Binod P G on October 13, 2008 at 03:35 PM PDT #

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