Sailfin Milestone 3 available

Milestone 3 of Sailfin (the open source effort with Sun, Ericsson and others to provided a SIP-enable GlassFish) is now available ! Get the bits from HERE (full install, no GlassFish required). The keywords for this release are "Administration" & "Monitoring", the converged HTTP/SIP load-balancer is improved too but we're not yet at "Feature Freeze".

SailFin logo

The key features delivered in this Milestone are :
 1. Support JSR289 (SIPServlet 1.1) annotations
 2. ConsistentHash algorithm for loadbalancing SIP and HTTP
 3. Admin GUI support for CLB/Security/SIP Service
 4. Admin CLI support for CLB/Security/SIP Service
 5. Monitoring support for SIP Servlet Container
 6. AMX support for SIP Servlet Container.
 7. Session replication for SipApplicationSessions, SipSessions, ServletTimers, DialogFragments.

Sailfin is expected to deliver its first release in June of 2008 (beta in March of 2008). More from Prasad in his entry.


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