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DZone has an interview up with two of the Sailfin developers. Sailfin in the project developed in commun with Ericsson to provide a SIP-enabled application server. The interview goes into the value of writing "converged applications" which lets the developer access the contents of both SIPsession and HTTPSession from the same code and thus provide exiting new possibilities for rich media interactions.

This is not (only) telco software for the telco world!

Vince gets into how much work has gone into enhancing NetBeans 6.1 to ease development (previous coverage on TheAquarium here), including the testing side of things (a SIP injector really). Sailfin is built to provide SIPServlet support as an extension to GlassFish, leveraging its existing administration, performance, and clustering technologies. Of course, being an open source project is another key value of the projects.

More Sailfin coverage on this blog can be found here.
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