Recent Developments at Ruby, jRuby, GlassFish and NetBeans

There is a lot happening in the GlassFish and NetBeans communities related to Ruby and Rails. Several of the developments have been presented at JavaPolis, read about it from Ludo, Jean-Francois, and Charles, and here is my recap and overview:

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On the JRuby front, Tom, Charles, Ola, et al have Released JRuby 0.9.2 focusing on compatibility and basic performance (direct generation of bytecodes will come later), just presented two Talks at JavaPolis and you can also try directly the WebStart-enabled IRB console that Tom posted recently.

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On the NetBeans side, Tor et al have been making very good progress on adding Ruby support to NB 6.0 (Introduction, Update). The editing part uses jRuby underneath (that's should just be an internal dependency) but I need to find out more about what type of debugging is available under what conditions.

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Finally, Ashish has a good series of blogs covering several of the ways to run a Rails app depending on how you package it, who handles the HTTP requests, and what runtime is used. First two blogs on how to use jRuby as the runtime inside GlassFish: first deploying a WAR and then how to Use Derby as the database. Then he shows how to use the GlassFish's CGI support and Ruby native first one Rails App and then Multiple Apps.

All this is pretty bleeding edge, but stay tuned. This is obviously an area of keen interest and usefulness, so expect continuous improvements over the next year.


It is cool to see a new JRuby release. I tried the previous release on my Mac and on my Windows machines and it worked really well, including the Java calls from the Ruby program. It'll be great if there was also some pre-packaged environments that made it easier to use Java DB along with JRuby. Java DB is now the DB in the development environmnt of Java, beginning with JDK 6.

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