Roller 5 on multiple Java EE AppServers

Dave Johnson

Apache Roller, the software that powers this blog (and all of - 5k+ blogs, 145k entries, hundreds of thousands of hits every day) will soon ship version 5. Dave Johnson, one of the creators of Roller and once a Sun employee, has started sharing on his blog the experience of running this non-trivial application on a variety of application servers, ranging from GlassFish to WebSphere to JBoss but also to Tomcat, all in recent or even beta releases.

Roller was not rewritten to Java EE 6. I don't believe it uses CDI, BeanValidation, EJB's, JAX-RS for instance and it certainly doesn't use JSF but this remains a valuable exercise and probably a good read for anyone writing server-side Java code. Dave promises specific entries for the various servers and has found that JPA, class-loaders, and packaging were the sticking points in his portability experience.

Similar to the Roller experience, most new GlassFish customers don't start from scratch and require instead to have their "legacy" applications run on GlassFish (which in most cases it does with minimal modifications, if any). Only then do they start looking into adopting some of the more recent technologies. The lucky ones that can start from scratch run with Java EE 6 from day one.

Update: Dave has now posted the Roller on GlassFish entry with a link to a very nice install guide. Check it out!


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