Roberto on Extensibility and Modularity in JavaEE 6


Last month Roberto asked for Feedback on Java EE 6 Profiles. He sure got feedback: 19 comments! in his poll, 700 votes on the Java.Net Poll and threads at TSS and at InfoQ.

Roberto now has written a follow-up on Extensibility and Modularity. He defines the terms (Extensibity is when technologies are added by the App writer, Modularity when its done by the Container), how they are standarized in JavaEE 6 (like Servet 3.0 extensibility and profiles) and how they will apply in the case of a modular server like GlassFish v3.

Very pleased to see more public discussion on specifications targeted to Java EE 6. Check Related Entries at TA and elsewhere (like Roberto's JavaPolis talk), and stay tuned for more.


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