Results from the JCP EC Election

The results from the ME and SE/EE JCP Executive Committees are now available. Recall that ratified seats required simple majority of those who cast a vote, while the open are awarded to the nominees who receive the most votes.

Java ME EC:

3 Ratified Seat Candidates: Research in Motion; Samsung; TOTVS.
  Ratified: all 3 candidates.
2 Open Seat Candidates: Stefano Andreani; Aplix Corporation; Paul Grojean; Pavel Lahoda; Rahul Tyagi.
  Elected: Aplix and Stefano Andreani.

Java SE/EE EC:

3 Ratified Seat Candidates: Hologic, Inc; Apache Software Foundation; Red Hat Middleware LLC.
  Ratified: ASF and Red Hat.
  Not Ratified: Hologic.
2 Open Seat Candidates: Azul Systems; Eclipse Foundation; Google; Fabio Haider; Bob Lee; Liferay, Inc; Sam Pullara
  Elected: Eclipse Foundation and Google.

The new members will take their seats on Tuesday, 16 November, and the non-ratification of Hologic means that there will be an additional ratification ballot for that seat.

Full results for the election will be available at the JCP EC Election Page later today. I'm looking forward to the turnout numbers; traditionally the JCP EC election has very low turnout, I hope this election will have a significantly higher turnout.

Added - See Henrik's Comments on JCP EC Election for Oracle's reaction and future plans.

Added - Additional voting details have been announced; the number of votes is roughly in line with the past but the turnout is lower. To the right is a table based on public data:


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