REST Compile now Generating PHP Clients and Improved REST Describe

ScreenShot of WADL Editor

Thomas is making progress with REST Compile and REST Describe. The latest release (0.2 - Web App, Source Bundle) includes a WADL editor and a generator for client code from WADL (PHP for now) as well as support for more WADL features.

For more details on WADL check the web site, and these earlier TA entries; for details on REST compile and describe, check Thomas' entry.

WADL seems to be gaining traction. A bit too early, but I think WADL will be a winner, and things like Thomas' work is addressing both the value proposition (generating clients) and the cost (inference from existing messages). Looking forward to more examples of tools exploiting WADL (validators, for example...).


just know a little about PHP

Posted by autooo on May 23, 2007 at 11:49 AM PDT #

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