REST and Comet... on GlassFish Server


Carol had previously (in July) posted an example of a SlideShow Using Comet; now she and Rick have a refined and expanded version where they provide more details, including screenshots, and also have modified the implemetantation so they NetBeans for development, MySQL and JPA for data presistence, Grizzly for Comet support, Jersey (JAX-RS) for the REST end-points, and GlassFish Server for the App.

Looks very useful; check it out at RESTful Web Services and Comet. More information also at Comet, Jersey and Grizzly.

I'm biased, but I think it is really cool that examples like this can be ran in a totally open source stack, and you can also buy commercial support for it. We surely Are Not in Kansas Anymore!

Added - I am republishing this today since yesterday I had posted it into the past by mistake.


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