Recordings from Jersey / JAX-RS Webinars Now Available

I've been recording our weekly TheAquarium Online Webinars for the last few months using the uStream.TV facilities and I recently spent some time processing the material into different formats and organizing it in the Wiki pages. It is still work in process and I keep learning more about how to do things, but I think last week's presentation is ready for feedback; others will follow in future weeks.


The recordings for the Jan 15th, 2009 Webinar on JAX-RS, Jersey and REST are now available. This Webinar set included presentations by Marc Hadley and Paul Sandoz, a set of 5 short screencasts, and very good audience participation.

The recordings are available in several formats, including FLV, Quicktime, iPod(320x240) and Audio only; full links are available at the Recording Page which is automatically included into the Show page. We are planning to upload the audio to iTunes and the screencasts to youTube "soon".

The format of these Webinars has changed over time as we have tried to adjust to the new, online-only, format. Feedback, as well as additional technical and broadcasting tips, on the show content and format are always welcome - I started knowing nothing about these areas. Note - I'm specially interested in a good way to transcode the SWF-based screencasts to a more manageable format like quicktime (for MacOS X, w/o loss of resolution, and cheap).

Next Webinar set is this Thursday, on ASadmin, the GlassFish CLI Console. More details in a separate posting.


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