Recent adoption surveys - JDK, Java EE, GlassFish


Remaining true to their viral marketing approach, the JRebel guys posted results for another "productivity report" with comments on the reactions. With the obvious caveat about surveys in general and self-selected samples in particular, the figures are encouraging for Java EE adoption and GlassFish deployment figures.

In our experience, the more people use GlassFish 3.x the more they adopt Java EE 6 and the lighter their application becomes with no third-party frameworks (see this recent story). This may in turn lower the requirement for JRebel.

In this other TheServerSide developer survey, the take-away is "Java 6 and Java EE 5 are the winners". Looking at the details, that's more than 70% of developers (at home, 64% @ work) reporting usage of Java EE 5 or Java EE 6 and thus being now free from EJB 2.x and XML-hell.

In his post, Richard is a bit disappointed with the adoption of Java EE 6, but with 30% of the developers using Java EE 6 at home less than a year after the specification shipped and with GlassFish as the only available implementation for a while, this sounds to me like very strong adoption. Java EE 5 adoption didn't happen overnight. Remember, it shipped in 2006.


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