Recent Additions to the GlassFish@Sun Team: Alexis, Jamey, John and Tom

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We sometimes take by granted when Sun employees start contributing to GlassFish... so here is a brief introduction and welcome to Alexis (Paris), Jamey (Broomfield), John (Huntington Beach), and Tom (Burlignton).

Alexis and Jamey are evangelists (and organizationally report to me - a first in my many years at Sun). I won't try to list all the topics they are covering but I'll point out just two: Alexis is coordinating GlassFish Day and Jamey owns the online presence for the GlassFish community.

John is Sun's product marketing manager for GlassFish. He has many years of experience on the sales side of Sun and recently has been involved with one of our GlassFish enterprise customers, so he brings great experience to the table.

Tom is the engineering director for most of Sun's efforts in GlassFish. He has done "the startup thing" a couple of times and is now back at sun, bringing fresh ideas each time. Tom and I report to Karen TP.

So there you are, 4 new guys. None of them in the Bay Area headquarters but all well-connected and with new insights. And all of them have blogs :-)


(and organizationally report to me - a first in my many years at Sun)
Don't worry, you're doing good! :)

Posted by Alexis MP on April 02, 2007 at 05:48 AM PDT #

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