Rakuten - GlassFish Use in Japanese Online Company


An outcome of the recent trip by Kohsuke to Japan was last week's Adoption Story with Ratuken (Home, Wikipedia) one of the largest internet companies in the world - their site is currently ranked by Alexa as #62 Worldwide and #5 in Japan.

The Adoption Story (english, japanese) and the detailed Questionnaire with Rakuten's Chief Engineer (Chihiro Miura) (english, japanese) provide more details, including their development OS (Debian), deployment OS (RHEL), database (MySQL 5), frameworks (iBatis, Struts, Spring), and IDE (NetBeans). Rakuten's use of GF is small but the first deployments are always the hardest and hopefully others will follow.

Japan has a great community of developers and I'm looking forward to our growth in that geography.


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