Public Review Drafts of JSF 2.0, Servlet 3.0 and JCA 1.6 Approved by the JCP

A quick update: the JCP SE/EE EC has approved all the Java EE 6 specs in the first batch of votes mentioned in our Jan 6th Report:


Vote results for JSF 2.0 (Ed Burns & Roger Kitain, JSR 314, @TA )
Vote results for Servlet 3.0 (Rajiv Mordani, JSR 315, @TA )
Vote results for JCA 1.6 (Binod PG & Sivakumar Thyagarajan, JSR 322, @TA )

EJB 3.1 (results) and JPA 2.0 (results), were approved previously; Bean Validation, WebBeans will go to vote on Feb 3rd.


I find it interesting that three (and in case of #322 even four) of the SE/EE commitee members haven't voted on these rather important groundbreaking JSRs.

Why is this so?

Posted by Max on January 14, 2009 at 10:09 PM PST #

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