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Project WebSynergy has enjoyed a couple of recent positive developments: First, Adam Bien is a consultant and book author and has blogged about GlassFish in the past. Recently Adam blogged about the prospects of WebSynergy becoming the killer GlassFish Portal Server - I happen to share this outlook. He was right about GlassFish being the Killer AppServer after all!

Second, Sandeep headed up an effort to get some university students engaged with Sun's open source communities and projects - specifically, GlassFish, WebSynergy (and its NetBeans components). It was a big success, and as part of the larger GlassFish Community, students submitted their project as GAP entries. In addition, this project garnered awareness in their respective academic groups. Kudos to the teams!


WebSynergy is exactly what we need now, will also use OpenESB and Mural as well.

Like to see Mural's EMPI code expose as services that can end up through a WebSynergy portlet.

Never used Liferay, please inform, what is the best way to start using WebSynergy? Should I start with Liferay 5 documentation?

Is there a SUN forum that we can tap into.

Please, advise!

Posted by George de la Torre on July 01, 2008 at 09:42 AM PDT #


Thanks for your interest! There are lot of great possibilities between Mural and WebSynergy - we are actively pursuing them and will show results in the coming releases. The best way to use WebSynergy is to grab the download from the links in the blog post and start using. As for documentation, yes, the docs at Liferay's wiki ( are a good starting point, as well as the screencasts and administrative guides.

For the Sun forum, you can use the discussion forums at, e.g.

Posted by James Falkner on July 02, 2008 at 10:27 PM PDT #

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