Project Avatar : TSA, SSE, ... and Java EE 8!

"I wouldn't say 'Avatar' changed my life, but it definitely changed my career." Stephen Lang

Project Avatar provides a back-end JavaScript services that support REST, WebSockets and Server-Sent Events. In addition, it also offers an optional client side framework that assumes very minor JavaScript knowledge. 

Markus Eisele recently wrote a nice article (see "Project Avatar - What's in it for Java EE 8?"). Project Avatar is leveraging some of the Java EE technologies (eg. WebSocket, REST). And has pointed in the article, some additional technologies (e.g. SSE (*)) and architecture choices (i.e. Thin Server Architecture, expanded use of JavaScript) are also used. Those technologies and architecture choices might be considered, in one form or another, for inclusion in Java EE 8. So, Project Avatar gives you the ability to check and test those technical choices and the Java EE 8 Survey (Part 1) gives you the opportunity to provides us feedback on those (and not just on those!). 

So if you have some time to spare during the Christmas break, please give a look at Project Avatar and provide us feedback for Java EE 8. The collective feedback, yours included, will help to change and shape the next revision of the Java EE Platform!

(*) Server-sent Events (SSE)  are currently supported by Jersey but they are not part of the Java EE 7 specification. 


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