Progress on Grizzly 2.0


Jean-Francois started Grizzly (Grizzly) back in June 2005 and it has been extremely successful. Then, in June of this year Alexey took over Grizzly 2.0 to incorporate lessons learned on architecture and usability and the team has just pushed the Grizzly 2.0 to the Maven Repository.

The Project Roadmap lists 1.8.2 as the latest release before switching to 2.0, but JFA indicates in his Companion Note that there will be a 1.9 that will include support for NIO2; I'll confirm. I'll also double check that the plan for is to include Grizzly 2.0.


nice to hear new progress on grizzly

Posted by Jim on September 06, 2008 at 03:31 AM PDT #

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