Prioritizing Ajax Request in GlassFish

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If your site returns full web pages in a second or two, you probably have a bunch of happy users. But if your Ajax-intensive application takes a second or two for each small update to a page, your users may be calling for your head.

No problem, you say, because your app handles its Ajax requests very quickly. But what happens when one of your Ajax requests get stuck behind slower non-Ajax requests in your webserver's queue? Lag. (And unruly users, in our example.)

Fortunately, GlassFish provides a solution (with the help of its default network engine--Grizzly). Jean-Francois shows how you can use Grizzly's Resource Consumption Management extension to keep Ajax requests humming along with their own request queue and dedicated handler threads.

Of course, Ajax requests are just one example of traffic which you might want to prioritize with this technique. For more information on this and other advanced functionality in GlassFish, see the " Taste Special Features of Glassfish" lab from this year's JavaOne conference.


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