Preferred Repositories, UpdateTools, and the JSF Update - and a small bug

As promised in yesterday's note here are the details on the UpdateCenter (2.0) bug and "update logic" ...


The story starts with Ryan releasing new JSF packages in December; updates that my update tool didn't see. Several JSF team folks I contacted reported success so I assumed I was affected by a new bug and later wrote an entry. But last week I finally had some time and there are two different issues:

• The first one is a usability issue: the Update Tool checks for updates from multiple repositories one of which is preferred. The community and the Sun distributions of GFv3 Prelude have different configurations and our observed behavior reflected which distro we were testing.

• After we realized the first, the second issue was easy: just a simple bug, 1075.

The result is that we are going to fix 1075, and, we are going to look at how we define the search through the repositories, and how we report on possible updates - the current arrangement is just too error-prone. If you have experiences with similar mechanisms that you want to contribute please let us know.


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