Portlet 2.0 Released

JSR 286 Specification

JSR 286 aka Portlet 2.0 has been made an official release. I mentioned this in passing a few days ago but wanted to provide more detail. This spec has over 2.5 years of expertise applied to it, and has a number of great features that Deepak has detailed [eventing, params, resource serving, filters, caching, taglibs].

Commercial product support includes Sun's Portal Server 7.2, and Liferay Portal (which also runs on GlassFish. In addition, Project WebSynergy includes support and tooling for creating of 286-compliant applications.

Congrats to the spec team!


Congratulations to Sun and all the members of this JCP group. I'm looking forward to vendor adoption of JSR 286 and think that these standards for portals are a great step forward.

I've just started developing on JSR-168 after having a bit of Oracle PDK experience and have enjoyed JSR-168 a great deal. I'm excited to explore the features of 286 as I have not followed the process too closely.

Posted by Reid Miller on June 26, 2008 at 11:49 AM PDT #

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