Poll on JPA Provider - Which do YOU use?

Current Snapshot of resuts

Alexis is running a poll on What JPA Provider you are using. If you are so inclined, point your browser to his blog entry - the poll is on the Right-Hand Side margin - and cast your vote.

Self-selecting polls have many methodology problems - I always think about Lies, Dammned Lies and Statistics when I see them, but they are still interested.

Right now, with over 70 votes, TopLink has 32% and Hibernate has 58%. OpenJPA has 4% and others is 5%. Let's see what type of impact the wider announcement has on the result.

Update - As of 12:47 pm PT, Dec 12th, with 186 votes we have 54% Hibernate, 38% TopLink, 4% OpenJPA and 4% Others.


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