Plugging JPA in and Hibernate Out...

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We are seing a very fast transition to the new Java Persistence API. The containers are almost all there, starting with the JPA Reference Implementation in GlassFish, which is Almost Final and available with GlassFish and as a Separate Bundle. See Marina's Blog for directions on how to use it, and also Other TA entries.

Other groups are moving very fast too. Hibernate supports JPA ([1], [2], [3]), and BEA's Kodo is also in good shape. The Apache community is also moving in that direction; they seem to be lagging a bit but I expect them to move quickly soon (Cayenne, Open JPA).

The extra, and important, benefit of JPA is that it is possible to Mix and Match. We have already started testing the GF RI with other containers, and other JPA implementations with GlassFish.

All this creates an ideal situation for the customers, and I expect a move towards replacing the Hibernate-specific dependencies with standard-based, JPA, dependencies, as described in Spring and JPA or in Roller and Hibernate. And new applications, like NetBeans and CRUD, are all written against JPA. Interesting times ahead!


Check this entry on Using Seams with JPA instead of Hibernate. - eduard/o

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